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Less Accident on Australia Day Please

Australia Day is coming up and there are bound to be fireworks everywhere. Yet, I don’t think a year goes by without there being some sort of incident involving fireworks.

Injuries. Typically, when you think of an accident with fireworks, you think burns and fires. This means burns are the most common injury when using fireworks. Usually these occur to hands, fingers, and arms; you know, the appendages closest to the sparklers and firecrackers. However, there have been cases of shrapnel or fragments of the fireworks injuring people as well.

Casualties. After a brief look at statistics on the internet (some scientific and some less so), I found out that men tend to be the larger portion of victims. Perhaps women don’t like to light the fireworks or they’re busy looking after kids, dogs, burning dinners, or something; I don’t know. Accidents also tend to occur more often in young adults and anyone under 18. Let’s admit it, they tend to love things that are bright, shiny, light up or on fire. I’m part of that group so I’ll agree to that. And, for the even younger children, I’d be worried about their shorter arms, meaning sparklers and any fireworks in the hand are closer to their face and body in general. I guess what I’m saying is keep an eye on your men and young people. And of course, your pets who are probably terrified, but who knows. Not all pets are literal scaredy cats like mine.

What to do. Other than keep an eye on other people, I only have a few suggestions this year for Australia Day. Most accidents tend to occur at private gatherings where people were lighting fireworks, so perhaps consider going to a public event instead. It requires less planning and money too. But, if you’re going to light some fireworks at home, don’t point them at anyone or play with one that didn’t shoot off. Make sure everyone, even the children, know emergency phone numbers and have a fire extinguisher, cell phone, and first aid kit on hand. Keep spectators at a safe distance and put pets inside or in safe kennels. You know, all the obvious safety things.

Anyway, stay safe this year. Happy Australia Day!

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