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Flooded? Forget It.

Severe storms, which I talked about in the last blog, can sometimes results in flash floods. They are extremely dangerous because they can come from almost nowhere when there’s been short bursts of heavy rainfall.

Pay attention to the weather. As mentioned Monday, BOM has a weather app that shows a weather radar. If there is a storm heading towards you, remember to act quickly. Get you and your loved ones clear of flowing water including creeks, rivers, and drains. High ground is best. One thing to always keep in mind however: If it’s flooded, forget it. Trying to cross any body of moving water can prove to be deadly, even if you think it’s moving slowly. This applies to both vehicles and traveling by foot. Do not attempt to drive through a road that is flooded, it’s better to turn around and find a safer route. Children have been swept into drains and drowned and people get stranded in flood waters every year for ignoring these rules.

Just as you do with severe storms, when you hear the warnings for floods, start with your Emergency Plan and keep updated on the state of the flood. And make sure your Emergency Kit is stocked. Unlike standard storms, with floods you should place sand bags around your home, most notably over floor drains (such as in showers and bathrooms) and in front of your doors and brickwork vents. Sandbags can be bought at hardware stores like Bunnings for pretty cheap.

Move items that can be swept away by the water to higher ground like vehicles, garbage cans, etc. You should also consider the posibility that water may get into the home. If this happens, you should move electrical items off the floor and decide on which items you will try to preserve (heirlooms, documents, valuables, etc).

As storm weather is moving in on us and while natural disasters are rare, please ensure that you are prepared if one ever comes along.

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