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First Aid Brisbane

First Aid Brisbane is committed to providing a fun and interesting way to learn First Aid and CPR techniques.

First Aid Brisbane has training rooms both in North Brisbane in sunny Clontarf Redcliffe free parking and easy access to all our first aid training programs.


First Aid Brisbane are a diverse company with a passion to providing first aid courses that are not only simple but accessible to all individuals. Courses are designed for all workplaces, communities and organizations. First Aid Brisbane understand that working together is the best way to provide the most effective and practical training solutions for individuals and workplaces as per "Safe Workplaces Australia and local Environments".


First Aid Brisbane trainers strive to bring inspiration and innovation to all our first aid courses. Most importantly to inspire moments of confidence in individuals abilities and knowledge. Most of all our participants know that they are making a difference in today's workplace and their wider communities and organizations.

Award winning training organization here in Brisbane

First Aid Brisbane pride ourselves in our trainers professionalism. Trainers desire to offer quality training in all our first aid courses. Whilst striving to be the first choice for you the individual, as well as businesses. Most importantly workplaces and organizations for their First Aid training requirements.

We all know how many changes have occurred in First Aid courses over the past 10 years. Therefore staying up to date goes without hesitation here at First Aid Brisbane.

We are continually updating our training courses and programs. First aid Brisbane ensure our clients are receiving the latest knowledge and training requirements for their course. Also here at FAB we are proud of our trainers in their ability to anticipate and respond to change with agility and without hesitation.


Here at First Aid Brisbane our staff and trainers like to think outside of the box. Hence we guarantee our First Aid Course content is as per National training standards Also the Australian Skills Quality Council "ASQC" requirement.

Our Course participants come from a variety of industries, lifestyles and environments so it is important that everyone walks away upon completion with knowledge that is new. Most of all ideas for their workplace with added confidence to implement and apply this first aid knowledge to relevant situations.

First Aid Brisbane courses

First Aid Brisbane began training over 20 years ago. FAB Trainers and the PADI RTO helping develop First Aid Brisbane into the success it is today. Most of all a very strong ethics that has developed First Aid Brisbane client relationships on trust and professionalism.

First Aid Brisbane act with honesty, integrity, keeping our word, never cancelling any training that has been booked and paid in full. Also most importantly we treat everyone with respect.

Our staff train to empower others, we understand that everyone comes from a variety of industries. Especially relevant is understanding participants diverse backgrounds. With this understanding we include a variety of learning techniques and training aids in all our first aid courses.

Therefore including but not limited too visual, written and spoken tequniques. Everyone is able to participate in all activities yet at the same time enjoy the training they are receiving for their chosen First Aid course.


First Aid Brisbane know that we may not be the cheapest provider. In addition we are certainly not the dearest provider but we can assure you quality, professionalism, and course content far exceeds our competitors.

We believe in providing quality and value in everything we do, to our clients, individuals, business and organizations. We have a positive attitude and we flourish in an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere. While ensuring learning is fun and outcomes are achieved, if its fun for you then its fun for us.

Whether you want just the basic CPR course or looking for a more Advanced First Aid Course our trainers have the skills and knowledge to bring this to you.

First Aid Brisbane Trainers

Our priority and professionalism to our our clients is important to us. Whether your individuals, organizations or companies this is reflected in our attention to participants needs. Especially relevant and reinforced in our work environment by the way we support each other and individuals choosing us.

We diligently ensure that sustainable principles are woven into all that we do. With our training programs we make health and safety a priority in all environments.

Talk to us and book your next first aid course with us - knowing you get quality and content - to current standards above and beyond.

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