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Covid Christmas

Merry Christmas! Or, for those who may not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!

We’re almost at the end of this crazy year and, while it may have let up here in Australia, Covid-19 is not done with us yet. So, while we’re all getting together to celebrate the holidays, please keep in mind the current Covid restrictions in your state.

Currently, there is been another outbreak in New South Wales and Queensland will be closing its borders once again.

If you happened to visit Sydney before December 11th, you will be able to return anytime BEFORE December 22 (Tuesday) at 1am AEST. Upon your return, you should quarantine in your home; not the best way to spend Christmas, but better than spreading life-threatening sicknesses to your family.

If you cross the border by road and police are available, let them know and they will let you know what the testing requirements are. If, for some reason, they are not available, please visit a testing center nearest your home.

If for some reason, you visited Sydney on or after December 11th, unfortunately you’ll have to go into government arranged quarantine. Information on that is provided in the second link below.

Most of the restrictions seem to be concerning those traveling from/through the Greater Sydney area as well as a few other NSW hotspots. However, there are a few “contact tracing alerts” for anyone who was a passenger of Virgin flight VA925 that landed in Brisbane at 9:30am on December 16th (Wednesday) and/or visitied The Glen Hotel in Eight Mile Plains any time after 11am on December 16th (Wednesday).

Please stay safe this week. I understand wanting to spend time with family and see everyone, but please keep in mind their health when you gather together (or rightfully do not gather if you’re sick). Thank you.

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