Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014)

HLTAID014: Provide Advanced First Aid

First aid Brisbane offer this National Accredited Course Advanced First Aid every month guaranteed.  The Advanced First Aid course is suitable for both individuals and groups who would like to further their knowledge and ability to assist within a workplace or group situation..

Advanced first aid training provides the necessary skills to take your training to the next level.  Furthermore  enable you to confidently coordinate, manage and instruct other first aiders. Therefore helping you confidently across a range of complex situations both within community as well as workplace environments.

Your course includes the following Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainments:

HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR
HLTAID010 Provide Basic Life Support
HLTAID011 Provide First Aid
HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid

Queensland Security Guards: As per Queensland government 21/01/2020 Advanced First Aid HLTAID014 Meets all the latest requirements for licensed bodyguards or/and crowd controllers.

Cost: $400.00
Duration: 2 Days - NO HOME STUDY its all completed with us on the days
Public courses: Monday & Tuesday Redcliffe North Brisbane
GROUPS Welcome - both small and large, your place or ours
  • NEW ASQA and HLTAID codes replace the OLD superseded versions HLTAID001 HLTAID002 OR HLTAID003 AND HLTAID006.
  • FAB - First Aid Brisbane offer advanced first aid courses North Brisbane in Clontarf & Redcliffe every month.
  • Our professional Trainers offer simple easy to follow First Aid courses twice a month for your to choose from. NO ONLINE OR FURTHER STUDY REQUIRED.
  • We will never let you down once you have paid for your course we guarantee IT WILL NEVER BE CANCELLED ON YOU.

Advanced First Aid and Workplace Relevance

Provide Advanced First Aid will give you the skills  and knowledge required to provide a response, including management of the incident and other first aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance.

When workplaces have least one member of staff with qualified in this course this ensures your workers will be able to provide, coordinate and manage a first aid response. This could be across a range of complex situations, including community and workplace settings feel confident within their knowledge and ability to carry out this requirement.

First Aid Brisbane Advanced First Aid course

First Aid Brisbane Advanced First Aid course

Provide Advanced First Aid Course Content

As a result of completing this course participants will be able to demonstrate and complete a variety of skills and assessments. These will be practiced at least once in line with state/territory regulations. Furthermore participants will gain an understanding of the first aid codes of practice, Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines and workplace procedures.

Advanced First Aid A small sample of what you will complete

  • located and interpreted workplace policies and procedures.
  • conducted a hazard assessment and identified strategies to minimize risk.
  • demonstrated safe manual handling techniques.
  • conducted a basic triage for a multiple casualty incident.
  • assessed airway, breathing and responsiveness of casualty/casualties.
  • performed uninterrupted CPR on both an adult and an infant.
  • checking for response and normal breathing.
  • recognizing abnormal breathing.
  • opening and clearing the airway.
  • using correct hand location, compression depth rate in line with the ARC.
  • recommended ratio of compression's and ventilation's.
  • acting in the event of regurgitation or vomiting.
  • following single rescuer procedure, including the demonstration of a rotation of operators with minimal interruptions to compression's.
  • following two rescuer procedure, as both the ventilator and the compressor.
  • activated and followed the prompts of an AED.
  • conducted a secondary survey, including checking pulse of at least one person and recording pulse rate.
  • applied first aid procedures for the following.
  • allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, asthma.
  • basic wound care, burns.
  • cardiac arrest.
  • choking and airway obstruction, convulsions, envenomation, epilepsy.
  • eye injuries, fractures, sprains and strains (using arm slings, roller bandages or other appropriate immobilisation techniques).
  • head and spinal injuries.
  • poisoning, respiratory distress, much much more.


Download Training Standards (HLTAID014) Assessment Requirements

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06/12/2021 - 07/12/2021
8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Advanced First Aid Course HLTAID014 8.30 am Mon-Tue
First Aid Brisbane Location North Brisbane Redcliffe, Clontarf Queensland



  • Bring your USI Number and Photo ID to class.
  • Hard Copy to take home, Digital Copy emailed.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to course start time. 
  • In align with legislation Third party certificates cannot be issued by RTO, First Aid Brisbane or Trainers.
    COVID 19 Requirements 2021
  • Training delivered by PADI Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.
  • RTO # 6729 –

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