Manage first aid services and Resources (HLTAID016)

HLTAID016: Manage first aid services and Resources.

First Aid Brisbane  Manage First Aid Services and Resources course (HLTAID016) should be undertaken by all persons or employees who are responsible for the management of first aid in the workplace. Your course will assist those of you who are responsible for the management of first aid in the workplace.

Understand, learn to interpret and adapt the Queensland First Aid Code of Practice 2021 in our course.

As a result we ensure your course is structured to teach you the participants how to establish, maintain and facilitate the provision of appropriate first aid. Therefore course will also assist you to understand the requirement of first aid resources in the workplace.

From 1 July 2018 persons conducting a business or undertaking are 
required to comply with an approved code of practice under the 
Work Health and Safety Act 2011. 

Alternatively duty holders can follow  another method. Such as a technical or 
an industry standard, to manage hazards and risks. As long as it provides an 
equivalent or higher standard of work health and safety to the standard 
required in the code.

A code of practice provides practical guidance for people who have work health and safety duties. These codes give guidance on:

  • how to achieve the standards required under the Act
  • effective ways to identify and manage risks.

A code of practice applies to anyone who has a duty of care in the circumstances described in the code. Following an approved code of practice assists you to achieve compliance with the health and safety duties in the Act.

Above all regulations, codes of practice deal with particular issues and do not cover all hazards or risks which may arise. As a result health and safety duties require duty holders to consider all risks associated with work, not only those for which regulations and codes of practice exist.

HLTAID016 Manage first aid services and resources

In addition First Aid Brisbane will assist you with the knowledge and skills to help understand and implement the following:

  • Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines relating to provision of first aid.
  • Company/organization standard operating procedures (SOPS).
  • First aid risk assessment practices and procedures.
  • First aiders’ skills and limitations in relation to first aid response in the workplace.
  • How to gain access to and interpret material safety data sheets (MSDSs).
  • Legal responsibilities and duty of care.
  • Safe storage and handling of medication in the workplace.
  • Determine workplace first aid requirements.
  • Establish and Maintain workplace first aid facilities.
  • Maintain workplace first aid records.
  • Review the provision of the first aid in the workplace.
  • Conduct a workplace risk assessment.
  • Develop a first aid response plan including strategies for management of incidents.
  • Complete a first aid checklist to service a workplace first aid kit for supplies replacement and equipment maintenance.
  • Use and maintained documentation required by the workplace and regulatory authorities.

Would you like to know and understand more. Also learn how to make your workplace safer and compliant to your relevant code of practice. In addition have a better understanding of your requirements. Book your next course with First Aid Brisbane.

Download Manage First aid Service's and Resources (HLTAID016) Assessment Requirements

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