LVR Low Voltage Rescue including CPR

LVR  UETDRRF004 Perform rescue from a live LV Panel

CPR   HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Your LVR course will include CPR as this is a prerequisite for UETDRRF004 Perform rescue from a live LV Panel:
Both courses meet Australian training standards. Therefor they are workplace compliant. Your certificate will be issued on the day of your LVR course. You will receive a hard copy certificate and a digital certificate.

First Aid Brisbane ensure your course is COVID 19 compliant in awareness and practices.

The LVR course  -Low voltage Rescue course is for individuals acting as a Safety Observer. Participants will work with trainers to learn a variety of skills. Consequently gaining the confidence and knowledge to manage casualties in a variety of situations.

The LVR course will allow you the qualified individuals to act as an Safety Observer and work in Queensland when required by an electrician.

Your course includes:
CPR is a prerequisite for UETDRRF004 Perform Rescue from a live LV panel.

  • UETDRR004 - Perform Rescue from a live LV panel.
  • HLTAID009      - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

    LVR Course including CPR course Cost: $103.00.
    Course Time: 2 1/2 Hours (NO HOME STUDY).
    Public Courses: Monday 4 pm - 6.30 pm and Friday 8.30 am - 11 am.
    Groups Courses: Welcome both small and large your place or ours
    Course Calendar:
Code of Practice and Legislation for LVR courses:

Programs can also be referred to as Switchboard Rescue Course.

  • Training will include a CPR course HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation in accordance with the Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation 2002.
  • Courses and Nationally recognised codes apply to electrical trades, particularly in situations where live work is performed.
LVR includes CPR First Aid Brisbane

LVR includes CPR First Aid Brisbane

 Individual or Group Training for LVR & CPR courses combined:
  • First Aid Brisbane offer public courses 3 nights a week.
  • Located in both North Brisbane and South Brisbane at 4 pm in the afternoons.
  • Trainers are also available for Workplace groups for courses.
  • Bookings can be completed and courses arranged in or out of working hours. At times to suit your groups both large and small.
LVR and CPR Skills as a result include this and much more.

Courses provides the electrician, with the skills on how to manage the danger of accidental electrocution and provide CPR.

  • Legal Requirements, legislation and Obligations with specific relevance to Qld.
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Safety Planning.
  • Electrical Hazards and Causes of Injury.
  • General Principles for a Rescue - practical's using adult manikins.
  • LVR Kits-practical use and demonstrations.
  • CPR & AED theory and practical assessment using adults and babies.

The National guidelines state that Individuals MUST update you CPR at least every 12 months. As a result the Electrical Industry require you to update your LVR UETDRRF004 Perform rescue from a live LV panel course every 12 months.

Subsequently  The Electrical Safety Regulation 2013. Clause 28 "Rescue and resuscitation Training. Provides that a PCBU must ensure workers performing or helping to perform electrical work are competent in RESCUE and RESUSCITATION.

Download National Training Standards Assessment Requirements

First Aid Brisbane LVR Course

First Aid Brisbane Trainer Donald Davis

Upcoming Course Dates

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Date/Time Event
8:30 am - 11:00 am
LVR Course UETTDRRF06  with CPR Friday 8.30 am
First Aid Brisbane Location North Brisbane Redcliffe, Clontarf Queensland
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
LVR Course UETTDRRF06  with CPR Monday 4 pm
First Aid Brisbane Location North Brisbane Redcliffe, Clontarf Queensland
8:30 am - 11:00 am
LVR Course UETDRRF004  with CPR Friday 8.30 am
First Aid Brisbane Location North Brisbane Redcliffe, Clontarf Queensland



  • Bring your USI Number and Photo ID to class.
  • Hard Copy to take home, Digital Copy emailed.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to course start time. 
  • In align with legislation Third party certificates cannot be issued by RTO, First Aid Brisbane or Trainers.
    COVID 19 Requirements 2021
  • Training delivered by PADI Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.
  • RTO # 6729 –

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Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 1 pm
Training Times:
Training hours differ from Reception Hours.
Please check your course start time carefully.
Your trainer will be waiting to greet you for your course.
Please ensure you CHECK your course start time.

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