About our FAB Team

First Aid Brisbane TEAM of Professional Trainers specialize in nationally recognised First aid courses. Courses for workplace and individuals with certificates issued on day.

Here at FAB - First Aid Brisbane we are a diverse company. Trainers share a passion to providing first aid courses that are not only simple. That we ensure our courses are accessible to all individuals and companies. FAB in Brisbane ensure our courses are designed for all workplaces, communities and organisations.

First Aid Brisbane understand that working together is the best way to provide the most effective and practical training solutions. This applies for individuals and workplaces as per "Safe Workplaces Australia and local Environments".

Lets meet the team

First aid Brisbane Yvonne

Yvonne Administration Director Senior Trainer

Donald First Aid Brisbane

Donald Training Director

First Aid Brisbane

Jason South Brisbane Training Director


Sandy Reception

Jen First Aid Brisbane Trainer

Jen Workplace Training Assessor


Admin/Finance Officer

FAB First Aid Brisbane

First Aid Brisbane Trainers Annual Update 2017