Workplace First Aid – Group Courses

First Aid Brisbane - Group Courses option ensure your ability to book a trainer. This enables first aid brisbane to come to your workplace. We can train both small and large groups from 5 plus upto 30 plus.

Group Dates and Times:  Flexible call to lock your date in
Group Courses: From 5 people per course - Large groups also welcome
Discounts:  Progressive depending on group size 
Booking Forms: Email us
Download Group Pricing Information:  FAB Course Information
First Aid Brisbane – Group Courses Trainers available now call and book.

All Group First Aid courses Expect Quality and Content

Group Courses with First Aid Brisbane consequently assures employers of course quality. Also first Aid knowledge you and your group will gain in their training sessions. Most of all ensuring you that your business is able to stand out while seeking work or to offer assistance whilst in your workplace.

First Aid Brisbane - Group Course ensure your workplace is prepared to help when required.

We offer group first aid courses in consultation with you and what times and dates will work for your business. Hence by offering flexible Dates, and Times we can ensure minimal disruption to your business.

First Aid Trainer Donald Davis

First Aid Brisbane group courses with Donald Davis

If you are looking for Basic first aid skills for the workplace. Maybe your looking for more knowledge by completing one of our group Advanced First Aid courses.

Your businness is ensuring these new skills will help both with your personal development workplace requirements.

Once you have completed your chosen First Aid course you will achieve a qualification to formalize your current experience.  In addition this certificate meets with ASQA - Australian Skills Quality Authority and NTS - National Training Standards.

Here at First Aid Brisbane it is our mission to deliver the highest quality training and education. This is especially relevant for all course participants.  this also ensures courses contain a variety of learning methods, activities and content. These training teqnueques enable everyone to participate and enjoy their learning experience comfortably.

First Aid Brisbane ensure our vocational education and training programs are designed to give all our participant the chance to gain relevant first aid skills. This is a skill  that you may need to gain employment or advance your careers.

Group Courses meet the ASQA - Australian Skills Quality Authority
NTS    - National Training Standards

The NTS National Training Standards allow participants to build on their skills learnt in all current courses with ease by at later dates adding to your skill base with more advanced first aid courses giving you the knowledge of  making our communities and workplaces a safer place with individuals confident of their abilities and to be able to use them as and when required. ASQA ensure trainers and RTO's are compentant within the programs they are offering so that you can be assured you are receiving quality training.

Individual and group courses recognized for fun and efficiency

Outstanding Training recognised from FAB - First Aid Brisbane

If you are a Workplace, Sports Club, Organisation, or even just a group of friends then our First Aid Course and CPR Course group booking information is for you.

We can work with your organisation to tailor a course specifically to your work and staff requirements.

Workplace Training - Group Courses

Trainers with First Aid Brisbane - can come to your workplace for your next group course and deliver training that is customized to your individual workplace needs and requirements.

First Aid Brisbane workplace group courses

First Aid Brisbane Group Course

First Aid Brisbane Trainers are recognized training partners with RTO 6729 PADI Asia Pacific.

Furthermore we provide highly professional and competent trainers to conduct your First Aid courses.  Our fantastic trainers ensure you have fun whilst learning a valuable life skill for the workplace, communities and at home.

First Aid Brisbane ensure all our First Aid Trainers understand that the best method of teaching is visual aids and hands on.  Therefore, we try to ensure that all of our courses are conducted with as much hands on practice as possible, we love group sessions and discussions, learning to work with others whilst learning life saving skills.

Group First Aid Training Aids

Skills for workplaces

Group First Aid Courses

Workplace groups are fun and compliant our trainers ensure they are well  prepared with training presentation materials, manikin’s.

With almost 40 manikins available per class we can maximum use of scheduled time available for your training.

Therefore we have available a  variety of  Defibrillators for use in all our Group First Aid classes. As a result in our group Classes we can increases the time that participants have to practice skills.

We have a wide range of manikins including infant/baby, child and adult manikins. While we also include a variety of different brands of AED’s, Defibrillators for training purposes.


First Aid Group courses for 5 or more

First Aid Brisbane - Group Courses