I Blake (Managing Director) of Samford Pet Resort have been using the first aid training services offered by First Aid Brisbane located in Redcliffe for over 6 years. I have all my staff undergo training through them as they are professional and are able to make the course fun and enjoyable and in doing so still covering all the important aspects of first aid. The whole team at First Aid Brisbane know exactly how to communicate to all participants giving the best opportunity to learn.
The team at Redcliffe have always given those of my staff who struggle the extra time and help to completely understand. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of First Aid Brisbane to anyone interested in completing their first aid course in a friendly and professional environment.

64 Beresford Drive, Draper
Samford Qld 4520
Phone: 07 3177 2334
Fax: (07) 3289 1608
Email: info@samfordpetresort.com.au

Blake de Bruin, Managing Director