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Sliver of Pain

I used to be more active outside when I was younger so, as expected, I got more splinters then. Luckily for me, I usually had long nails and could remove them pretty easily myself. Even now I still have relatively long nail so when my husband (WHO INSISTS ON BITING HIS NAILS OFF!) gets a…
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Not even going to look at pictures for this one... My husband’s only just discovered the black dot on his heel. I finally got a good look at it to figure out that it’s a blood blister, deep under his skin. Normally, blisters are a raised bump on the skin, but because of the thick,…
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Skin Spots

I’ve got my fair share of skin moles, and I keep finding new ones all time. They’re weird. I’ve also had a few removed due to concerns of skin cancer. Skin cancer happens to be the most common type of cancer, but most of them can be treated if found early enough. The problem is…
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