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Flu is Coming

Not winter...But winter is also coming. We provide first aid courses on the premises of businesses if they request. This includes schools; and we visit a lot of schools throughout the year. However, we recently had one request that our trainers and staff receive flu shots before visiting them. I say good on them for…
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A fever is the body’s way of fighting off infection. The immune system releases a chemical to take on the infection which raises the body temperature. The normal body temperature is usually between 36-37 degrees Celsius, so most people are considered to have a fever when it goes to 38 and higher, and fevers above…
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Measles in Sydney

As an immigrant, I’ve gone through the entire process, including medical checks. I hate to admit, I’ve also travelled sick but then quarantined myself to my apartment afterwards. But it was just a cold and I still told someone at the airport because I’m afraid my eardrum will burst like my husband’s and I love…
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