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Choking – First Aid Course

Choking A person with a partly blocked airway might still be able to breathe, speak or cough. Symptoms can include: · Panicked and distressed behavior · Inability to talk in complete sentences or at full volume · Frantic coughing · Unusual breathing sounds, such as wheezing or whistling · Clutching at the throat · Watery…
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Heat Exhaustion – First Aid Awareness

Heat Exhaustion Heat exhaustion is a heat-related injury that can occur in the body after you've been exposed to high temperatures just like heat stroke, however heat exhaustion is not life threatening and it often is accompanied by dehydration. There are two types of heat exhaustion that a person might experience: Water depletion. Signs include…
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Household Chemicals – first Aid Brisbane

Protect Yourself from Household Chemicals   The following tips can help you to prevent accidental consumption from household chemicals: • Keep products in their original containers with the labels in place as this will allow easy identification of the chemical. Also, the label can provide important information about the product and what to do in…
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