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Keep Using Masks

We talked about face masks before. At that time, they were in high demand—you couldn’t find them anywhere—so we talked about making your own reusable masks. Well, most of that is still applicable, but I think we need to talk a bit more about why they are still important. As mentioned in the previous post,…
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Still Virus-ing

As many of you may know, the virus is still at large. It is far from the pandemic that it was only a few short months ago, but it is still a legitimate worry. According to Queensland government site, there haven’t been any new cases in the last twenty-four hours but New South Wales is…
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Corona Pandemic

I’ve seen some posts on Facebook and Twitter of Corona (the beer company) making disclaimers that drinking Corona beer will not cause someone to catch the coronavirus. Please note that it is just an unfortunate coincidence and drinking Corona beer will not give you the coronavirus. That being said, I’m not sure if you can…
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