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COVID 19 – First Aid Course

Can you still complete a CPR course -YES - First Aid Brisbane take additional precautions, as well as smaller groups in align with ASQA and NTS. What is COVID 19? Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Australia has had to deal with this for most of 2020…
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Not even going to look at pictures for this one... My husband’s only just discovered the black dot on his heel. I finally got a good look at it to figure out that it’s a blood blister, deep under his skin. Normally, blisters are a raised bump on the skin, but because of the thick,…
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A fever is the body’s way of fighting off infection. The immune system releases a chemical to take on the infection which raises the body temperature. The normal body temperature is usually between 36-37 degrees Celsius, so most people are considered to have a fever when it goes to 38 and higher, and fevers above…
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