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Unconscious person – Causes

Causes of Unconsciousness The causes of unconsciousness can be classified into four broad groups: • low brain oxygen levels • heart and circulation problems (e.g. fainting, abnormal heart rhythms) • metabolic problems (e.g. overdose, intoxication, low blood sugar) • brain problems (e.g. head injury, stroke, tumour, epilepsy). Combinations of different causes may be present in…
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ANZCOR Guideline 3

Recognition and First Aid Management of the Unconscious Person When looking into the ANZCOR guidelines specifically relation to the recognition and management of an unconscious person A lot of people frequently ask well who does this guideline apply to? This guideline applies to all persons who are unconscious. As unconsciousness is a state of unarousable,…
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First Aid – Road Accidents

Specific management of a person in need at a Road Accident There are some specific management techniques required to be carried out when helping a person in need at a road accident and these include but aren’t limited to: • Approach with caution and make the accident scene as safe as possible. • Do not…
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