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Pox Pox Pox

It’s weird to me to think that illness parties were once a thing (and apparently still a potential thing). I’ve heard of people asking for “covid parties” to expose their kids to the illness to “get it over with.” That’s just a terrible idea. Supposedly, the thought behind it is to build an immunity to…
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What to grow in your backyard

5: Basil Say you live in a high-rise apartment. You can still exercise your green thumb with an herb garden. Herb gardens are easy and useful to grow indoors, and if you really want a lot of herb for a little work, make it basil. Fresh basil in the supermarket is expensive, and all good foodies…
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Exercising when your over 50

Staying active in your 50s and beyond can be the best gift you give to yourself. Exercise can enhance your energy levels, keep you at a healthy weight, and even possibly reduce some of the symptoms associated with aging. Exercise can be good for your brain and emotional state as well as your body. Whether…
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