First Aid Courses – White Tailed Spider

White-Tailed Spiders

Danger level: Medium

Recent studies show the venom of the White-tailed spider causes no major danger to humans and is limited to mild local pain.

white-tail-spiderDistribution: Natural and urban areas across Southern Australia, from Southern Queensland to Tasmania and from east to west coast of Australia.


Whit-ish tip at end of abdomen
1.2-1.8cm in length, legs can span up to 2.8cm across slender
Typically dark reddish to grey in colour with dark orange-brown banded legs

Behaviour: Active hunters and wander about at night, hunting other spiders.

First Aid

First-aid-manApply an icepack to help relieve swelling.

See your doctor if the skin starts to blister or ulcerate.

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