I know it was a while ago, but have you seen this?


This is crazy! Thankfully the woman escaped the fiasco with only minor injuries, but after looking at her vehicle, it could have bee so much worse.

When coming across a car accident, you need to follow the DRSABCD. You don’t want to become another casualty, so make sure all traffic is stopped, put on your hazard lights and try to mark out the area if you have warning triangles (mini emergency road signs). And make sure all vehicles involved are turned off.

You’re going to have to do some triage. Think about breathing. It might seem strange, but check on the people not screaming or crying first; if they can scream and cry, they can breathe but we don’t know about those who are unconscious. Once those people are stabilized, check on the others in order of most endangered to least. Remember, only move a victim if they are in immediate danger.

Once anything life threatening has been dealt with, call emergency services if it hasn’t already been done. Be as detailed as possible: give your exact location, how many people were hurt, if people are trapped or unconscious, and let them know if other services (such as the fire department) are needed. Do whatever the emergency services ask of you and continue monitoring the victims until help arrives.

One important thing I’ve learned while working at a first aid training business is to use those people around you. More than likely, there will be people gawking at the scene or trying to record it—Use them. Tell them what to do. They can call emergency services, help others, and avert traffic for safety. This will make things easier for you and, in turn, help the victim faster.

As always, I hope this never actually happens to someone, but it’s good stuff to know. Be safe.

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