This Really Bites Part 1 (Non-Venomous)

I’ve had plenty of animals in my life and have come across even more; however, none has been as temperamental as Sora, the ragdoll queen of our house. I love that cat so much, but she’s definitely not afraid to let me know she’s annoyed with me. At least she hasn’t drawn blood like some of the others.

So, what should you do if rough-housing with your pet goes too far? And what about random animals that don’t even belong to you? Today, I’ll give a short rundown on animals that aren’t venomous.

Wash the affect area with soap and water and cover it up with a bandage. Easy. If it hurts, you can have a painkiller. However, if the animal is not up-to-date on shots, is acting strangely, or is wild/stray, you should go see a doctor, just in case. You should also go see someone if the injury breaks skin, is near a joint, anywhere on the head, neck, hands, or feet and if there is any sort of reaction (it starts to swell, gets hot or more painful, etc).

If you go see a doctor, you should be able to tell them as much as you can remember from what kind of animal, where it was, your pet’s vaccination history, anything you can think of that pertains to the situation.

Of course, it’s best to prevent this all to begin with. Make sure you and your children are up-to-date on their shots to minimize infections. Teach kids and pets alike how to behave around each other and to leave wild animals alone. Call animal control if you’re concerned about an animal on your property.

I love animals and so do a lot of people, but I don’t think anyone likes being bitten. Be safe.

--PS Neither Sora nor the lizard were harmed during this encounter.

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