This Is Why We Can’t Have More Potatoes

I love talking about things like this. Did you know, it’s an offence to have more than 50kgs of potatoes in Western Australia? I guess it has something to do with either regulation of food during the Great Depression or farmers hoping to work the economy, but when I first read this, I figured it was probably because someone beat someone else over the head with a sack of potatoes.

While this seems hilarious in our heads, in reality being hit with a bag of potatoes could cause a head injury. These can range anywhere between a small bump or bruise to a full concussion or serious bleeding. Minor bumps don’t necessarily require a doctor, but still keep an eye on your loved one. If they start to act strange in any way, get them to a hospital. This could include vomiting more than once, fainting, excessive bleeding; you know, obvious warning signs. Or it could be saying things that don’t make sense or even forgetting something very obvious like a person or where they are. Even if you think they are okay, if you have any doubts at all, take them to the hospital. Better safe than sorry.

Keep an eye on the potato victim. Also, do not let them drive; that’s like asking a drunk person drive. No food or drink until advised by a doctor. Even then, avoid alcohol and other drugs and give food in small amounts or it might come back up due to possible nausea. Treat them for the headache their going to have: painkillers, ice packs, etc.

The symptoms shouldn’t last more than a few days and then your loved one is free to resume throwing around those illegal sacks of potatoes. Though, hopefully, they aren’t actually doing anything illegal or hurting themselves. Good luck if they are. Be safe.

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