The Little Injuries

My husband and I are not the…safest people in the world; we’re pretty accident prone. I think one of the incidents that I mention most is when my husband seriously cut his finger cutting frozen garlic bread. It’s a long story.

While the two of us are more likely to be the injured ones, getting cut is very common but also very easy to deal with. Simply rinse the injury out and put pressure on it until it stops bleeding. Replace the bandage or cloth if blood seeps through it. Cover up with a band aid, plaster, whatever you’d like to call it once the bleeding has stopped. You can help slow the bleeding by raising the injury above the heart, but most minor cuts will stop bleeding on their own. If the injury happened to be particularly dirty, you may want to get a tetanus shot if not done in the last five years. Pain killer can be taken to lessen the pain if necessary.

From there, it’s just keeping an eye on the injury to make sure it doesn’t get infected or worse. However, there are a few things that will require medical attention when cut. If it’s too deep or wide, it will probably require stitches (which I don’t think you’ll want to do yourself). If the bleeding doesn’t stop or is spurting, that’s also a sign it may be serious.

Also, the obvious reason to see a medical professional: something was cut off, like a fingertip. Put the severed bit in a sealed back, put on ice or in ice water, and hurry to the hospital.

It’s important to stay calm for your sake and the victim’s; doubly if you are the victim. But, as I mentioned earlier, most cuts are minor and can be taken care of easily at home.

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