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Mako came to us as a happy, healthy kitty. However, shortly after his arrival, he developed two very smelly conditions: gingivitis (which has already been covered in the past) and a food allergy. This poor cat couldn’t use the litter box without requiring a bath after each use. It was insanely stressful for both of us. One vet trip later and the vet informs us he likely has an intolerance to “gelling agents” in his food.

“Gelling agent” or “thickening agent” are general terms for a group of ingredients that makes a liquid thicker (like cornstarch) and I assume this goes into the gravy usually put into wet cat food. Guar gum, carrageenan, and xanthan gum are just a few other names that can appear on the label but guar gum, gelling agent, and thickening agent are the ones I’ve seen most commonly. Some of these can be cancer causing and others can affect their dental health as well.

So Mako currently lives on Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers—I’ve checked the label multiple times for gelling agents. Other Fancy Feast products still have thickeners in them so make sure you check the label. I still check around and grab a few cans of other brands just to switch things up, but Fancy Feast has proven the cheapest so far.

Cats can be allergic or intolerant of plenty of things, especially when it comes to their food. So if your cat is having trouble with consistent feces in the litter box, consult your vet. There are plenty of sites discussing ingredients to avoid and most agree that a specialty raw meat diet is the best option; however not everyone has a meat grinder or easy access to the vitamins that should be added to that kind of diet. But if you do and want to try it out, I’ll add a link below.

Info: CatCentric:,industries%20to%20%E2%80%9Cimprove%E2%80%9D%20texture.

Happy Cats Haven:

Feline Nutrition Foundation:

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