As many of you may know, the virus is still at large. It is far from the pandemic that it was only a few short months ago, but it is still a legitimate worry.

According to Queensland government site, there haven’t been any new cases in the last twenty-four hours but New South Wales is a different story. So for the moment, the boarders are still closed.

Please note that all social distancing practices should still be used. Please remain at least 1.5 meters away from other people or just stay home if possible. Make sure you wash your hands properly, especially after using public facilities and please wear a face mask when going out. Once again, face masks only slightly improve the chances of keeping sicknesses out, but they are very helpful in keeping any potential sickness that you may have from reaching other people. And as we all know, carriers of the coronavirus do not express symptoms until 2 weeks after they’ve contracted it.

If you’re feeling sick at all, please stay home and if you’ve got a fever, cough, sore throat, and/or shortness of breath, call a doctor or 13HEALTH(13 43 25 84). Please do NOT go to your doctor’s practice if you have these symptoms; they need to know and prepare for the possibility of the virus beforehand so please schedule a telephone appointment.

Australia itself has been doing pretty well in containing the spread of the virus, though admittedly, we raised the restrictions a bit too early to completely quell the spread. Still, it’s far better than the US that has already had multiple states shut down for a second time due to the virus uprising again. And we don’t want to do that either.

I know it sucks but please continue doing your part to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Info: QLD Government:

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