There are so many different ways to sneeze. Example: I try to contain my sneeze, making a weird nose noise or sometimes sounding like a cat. My husband, on the other hand, can be heard from across the house and frequently upsets Mako when he sneezes. So what’s the deal?

Sneezes occur because something went in the nose that shouldn’t have—like germs, dust, etc. Your brain sends out a signal for your body to expel that something; it uses the chest muscles, diaphragm, abdominals, vocal cords, and muscles in the throat to try to get rid of it. Some scientists think that closing your eyes is also one of these signals and that’s why it’s nearly impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. It is possible though, just really difficult.

Now, apparently my husband sneezes so loudly because he breathes in more air than I do when he sneezes—his lung capacity is bigger than mine. The more air you take in, the more that suddenly has to come back out which results in a louder sneeze. Also apparently, I’ve been sneezing wrong. Don’t hold in your sneezes; doing so could lead to damaged blood vessels in your eyes, nose, and/or eardrums. That’s terrifying…

Because of all the stuff going on right now, you’re going to want to use as much sneezing etiquette as possible (otherwise you might risk getting booted from public places). What’s included in sneezing etiquette? The basics: cover your mouth when you sneeze, not with your hands, turn away form people, and wash your hands immediately after. Also, be prepared to sneeze multiple times because, most of the time, one sneeze is not enough to dislodge whatever went up your nose.

Guess I should stop teasing my husband about how he sneezes since I’m the one actually doing it wrong here. Oh well. I doubt he’ll look it up.

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