Seat Belts Save Lives

So I’ve suddenly been watching a lot of those dashcam videos; they’re so addicting. But each time, as I’m watching and waiting for the close call or inevitable collision, I’m thinking “Oh please be wearing a seatbelt.”

Now I’ve heard some dumb argument that seat belts kill as many people as they save. I only did like a five minute search, but I found NOTHING to support that idea. I am open to look over any materials someone may send if they’d like to defend the argument however. Until then, seat belts have been proven to reduce the risk of dying by almost 50%. A seat belt stops you from flying through the windshield should a crash occur; and also from slamming your face into your steering wheel.

If that doesn’t bother you, consider the other occupants of the vehicle. Seat belts are made to keep you in your seat. If you’re involved in a crash and are not wearing a seat belt, you become a deadly object. Your body could end up flying around the vehicle, gravely injuring your beloved passengers.

And if even that’s not enough to motivate you to wear a seat belt, what about the $400 fine and 3 points against your driving record if you’re caught? Is that really worth “being comfortable”? Not likely.

So please, always ensure that you and your passengers wear seat belts in a moving vehicle. Seat belts should sit low across the hips and it’s definitely preferred that the seat belt has a shoulder strap; so if you can help it, avoid sitting in the middle backseat. Also make sure that all children are using appropriate restraints for their age. Not wearing a seat belt is not worth a fine and demerits, possible injuries, potentially hurting other passengers, and certainly not death. Just wear the seat belt.

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