I know that Australia came out of a drought a few years ago and it’s no secret that summer’s get hot. Even though the dams are currently full, there’s no guarantee of rain ever. But if everyone does their part to save water use, then we could at least extend the use we’ll get out of the reserved water.

It doesn’t have to be big things like once a week showers or never watering your garden. Unity Water (not sponsored) actually provides little tips to help cut down on water usage. The first is turning the tap off while brushing your teeth—it’s not like you’re washing your toothbrush or consuming water while you do so. If your toilet is fitted with two buttons, use the half flush when possible. When doing laundry, try to wash as much as possible; washing full loads is better than multiple small ones. Probably the most difficult one for everyone is cutting down shower time. Unity Water recommends four-minute showers, but if you’re like me, that’s really difficult with longer hair, especially if you need to shave your legs. However, any time you can shave (haha) off your average shower time will save water, time, and money.

There are also a few things you can do when outdoors. If you regularly water your garden, try watering when it’s cooler out. Mid-day watering will just see the sun evaporating a decent chunk of water. Speaking of evaporation, if you have a pool not in use, cover it up to keep the water in. Avoid hoses and pressure cleaners when washing: brooms and a bucket could also work to clean your driveway, or just a broom, while a bucket and sponge can work on your vehicle.

Probably one of the sneakiest culprits to water waste is leaking taps and faucets. Make sure all your water pipes, taps, and faucets are properly sealed to prevent leakage.

It’s hot out, so water consumption is probably going to start climbing this summer, but try to be mindful of your water usage and don’t waste water.

Information: https://www.unitywater.com/savewater

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