Rain Brings Landslides

The rain has been crazy these last few days/weeks and it’s a huge relief after the insane fire crisis. This is also great news for the areas that had been suffering from drought during this hot summer. However, with the rain comes its own risks. We already talked about vision impairment while driving but heavy rain can also cause landslides.

In Queensland, landslides can occur after a heavy rain, usually in a place where the ground has been disturbed such as during construction. They can be slow (taking years to settle) or fast (in an instant) and the distance may vary, depending on the slope of the land, how much rain there’s been, how weak the ground was, and how much supportive vegetation there is.

To prepare for a landslide, you can check with the local council and even your neighbors about the history of landslides in the area. Check for signs of ground movement in steep areas. Trees tilting down-slope, water seeping, and breaks in the ground are signs a landslide could occur. If working outdoors, avoid tops and bases of cliffs and embankments, especially if there are signs of loose rocks and debris.

During a landslide, take shelter in the least-affected end of the building if you are indoors. Get beneath a strong table or similar structure and, if you can, use a mattress for extra protection. Do not move until the landslide has stopped. If you’re outside, move away from the projected path of the landslide. Make sure to keep clear of banks, trees, powerlines, poles, and any other objects that could fall as the landslide passes.

Australia is a crazy country with rapidly changing weather and disasters. Please take the time to assess your area for potential hazards and disasters and make sure you are always prepared for the worst.

Info: Queensland Government: https://www.qld.gov.au/emergency/dealing-disasters/disaster-types/landslides

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