Pulled Over Drinking Water

In the last decade or so, accidents caused by distracted driving has gone up. And they seem to jump for several months after a new phone feature or game is released, such as when Pokemon Go was released. I suppose it’s also no surprise that teenagers make up the majority of people involved in distracted driving crashes. However, it’s not just phones that distract people when driving; eating, drinking, and grooming habits that somehow make it into the car are also big distractions.

The boring, quiet drive you probably partook in when getting your driver’s lisence is normally the best way to drive distraction free, but sometimes that’s just not possible. There are still plenty of precautions you can take to minimize distractions on your drive.

  • Turn off your phone. There should be no reason to pick up your phone while driving.
    • If you use your phone for music or directions, set up the device before starting your trip so that you will not have to touch it during your drive.
  • Before driving, adjust all your car settings. This includes your mirrors, your seat, the steering wheel, the radio, etc.
    • In addition to this, make sure your windows and mirrors are clean.
  • Just as you should do if you’re getting sleepy, pull over or take a break from driving if you need to eat, drink, fix your hair, or any other activities that may take your attention off the road.
  • Make sure you know your route. Double check your map so you don’t get lost or become tempted to check your map while driving.
  • Ensure your pets, children, and passengers are securely restrained. The last thing you want is your dog threatening to jump out the back window or your kid climing all over you while you’re driving.
  • If you’re easily distracted by noise, turn down your music and ask your passengers to be quiet. Everyone makes fun of the driver who turns down the music to try to find their exit, but music and sound take away from the brain power used in driving. It may be silly, but it’s true.
  • Avoid your personal distractions while driving. Some things distract certain people, so know what distracts you and avoid it.

We all can point out what actions make for distracted driving, even when we know we occasionally do it. Make an effort to cut down and eliminate distracted driving from your life and help reduce the accidents on the road.

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