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What is required in providing first aid?

First aid requirements will vary from one workplace to the next. Depending on the nature of the work, the type of hazards, the workplace size and location. As well as the number of people at the workplace. These factors must be taken into account when deciding what first aid arrangements need to be provided.

This Code provides information on using a risk management approach to tailor first aid that suits the circumstances of your workplace. While also providing guidance on the number of first aid kits, their contents and the number of trained first aiders that are appropriate for some types of workplaces.

The risk management approach involves the following four steps (summarized in Appendix A):

• identifying hazards that could result in work-related injury or illness
• assessing the type, severity and likelihood of injuries and illness
• providing the appropriate first aid equipment, facilities and training
• reviewing your first aid requirements on a regular basis or as circumstances change.

Guidance on the general risk management process is available in the Code of Practice:

How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks.

Consulting your workers .
Consultation involves sharing of information, giving workers a reasonable opportunity to express views and taking those views into account before making decisions on health and safety matters.
You must consult your workers when making decisions about what facilities are needed, including those required for administering first aid. Consultation should include:

• the number, location and contents of first aid kits and other equipment
• the type of first aid facilities that may be needed
• first aid procedures
• the number of first aiders.

Sometimes you may have responsibility for health and safety together with other business operators who are involved in the same activities or who share the same workplace. In these situations, you should communicate with each other to find out who is doing what and work together in a co-operative and co-ordinated way so that all risks are eliminated or minimized so far as is reasonably practicable.

Queensland code of practice

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