Prepared for the Long Run

We’ve talked about preparing for natural disasters and emergencies a few times, but I think it might be time to talk about emergency stocking in general. Not only are we at threat from natural disasters (bushfires, flooding, etc.) but now we’ve got quarantine potentials for the recent coronavirus. There are also other unforeseen circumstances that can arise that you’ll wish you had prepared for beforehand.

There are several groups of provisions you need to look at when considering what to stockpile for emergencies.

  • Drinks: bottled water and other long-life drinks
  • Food: pretty self-explanatory categories
    • Dried/Long life: rice, powdered mashed potato, etc.
    • Ready to eat (canned/bottled): pickled items, soup, etc.
    • Snacks
  • Baby supplies: diapers, formula, baby food, etc.
  • Power supplies: backup energy supplies such as batteries or gas for generators
  • Pet supplies: pet food, extra harnesses/leashes, etc.
  • First aid/health supplies: fully stocked first aid kit
  • Miscellaneous: items that you need on a regular basis
    • Prescription medication
  • Cleaning: hand soap, tissues, wipes, toilet paper, etc.

Now, this list is going to vary from household to household. You may not have babies or pets or you might need to add extra items for more family members. The emergency prep for my four-person household of adults and two cats is going to be vastly different than a couple with three children.

It should also be noted that, while it could have been added under “miscellaneous”, I added the “cleaning” section based on my personal views. Due to the recent epidemic going around, it’s a great idea to ensure your family has the proper cleaning supplies to keep out the germs going around. Also, you don’t want to be stuck without toilet paper.

It’s best to prepare all these things well before you need them. On each shopping trip, grab an extra pack of tissues or another few cans of soup; especially now that there’s an epidemic in place. Do what you can to make things a little bit easier and give yourself a bit of peace of mind when emergencies do happen.

Info: NSW Government Health:

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