Out of Power Food Poisoning

Short-ish blog today due to some busy work this week.

Being near Brisbane, I don’t know a whole lot about the true nature of the bushfires going on down south, but I’ll bet there are a few power outages around. While the outages themselves aren’t particularly life threatening, there’s always the problem of the food in the refridgerator and the freezer.

When the power goes out, hot food should be eaten within four hours or thrown away—The same goes for cold or frozen food that is no longer cold to the touch. By “cold to touch” I mean that it should be 5 degrees Celsius or lower, otherwise, you should cook/eat it within four hours. If your frozen food is still frozen bye the time the power comes back on, it should be safe. If you have any doubts at all whether the food is safe to eat, throw it out; better safe than crippeld with food poisoning later.

Moving food from the fridge to the freezer will help keep it cold longer; as well as surounding the food with bags of ice. If you have one, place an insulating blanket over the cold and frozen foods and only open the frige/freezer when necessary to keep the cold in.

As usual, it’s best to be prepared for things like this. If you think that a power outage might affect your area due to the fires (or maybe a storm or something) you can prepare by freezing water and ice packs before hand. You can also consider buying bags or blocks of ice from the store.

I can imagine that things are getting really difficult in the fire area, so please take you precautions even if there’s a minute chance of the fire heading in your direction. And not just with your food, with your home, your families, and yourselves.


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