Not The Time to Be Anti-Social

In my opinion, during emergency situations, one of the most over looked resources is other people. I think there’s this sort of inner monologue that occurs once someone realizes they’re in a situation where somebody’s hurt—it might be panic or it might be them trying to stay focused and do everything they can to help, but people try to deal with the ordeal on their own. But if there are other people around, they are probably going to be more useful than you are on your own.

If you can break the other person from their own inner monologue, they can help with pretty much anything. Most importantly, they can call for emergency services while you’re busy tending to the victims of the accident; they won’t be as distracted and can give all the little details that emergency services will need.

Other people are also capable of handling things that you can’t. This can include taking care of other patients while you focus on the person in front of you or perhaps lending knowledge/information that you may not be aware of. There are often various ways to perform first aid procedures, but sometimes it’s just too much to kneel down, get a bandage tight enough, or some other issue. As long as you’re aware of how to correctly to do procedure, you can instruct another person to do it for you. They can also add their strength to yours to move someone or something if necessary.

So, as you would expect, having more people around will help ease most burdens as long as you can get them to focus on the task at hand and not freak out. If there are other people around, get them involved, don’t try to do it all on your own. And remember that all these roles could be the other way around with you being the helper instead of the leader.

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