Two days after this is posted, I will be off to visit my family in America. It’s all a big secret so hopefully none of them over there finds this. Being the troublemakers that we are, my mother-in-law and I are building a list of things I need to bring back with me, but I also have a list of things to take to my family. The list returning from America is getting pretty big, so there’s no doubt that my luggage is going to be heavy. That being said, trying to pick up a heavy object (suitcases included) can cause neck, back, and shoulder injuries. So, I searched the for a few tips with large, heavy luggage.

The best thing about suitcases in today’s time is that they almost always have wheels. This saves a lot of energy if you’ve got bulky, heavy luggage. If you must lift the overweight baggage, stand beside it, bend at the knees, grab it with both arms, and hold it close to the body. Most people make the mistake of bending at the waist to reach down and grab an object; this puts strain on the lower back and can be damaging if done repeatedly, for a long period of time, or to strenuously. If you are concerned at all about carrying your luggage, ask for help. Besides, your leg muscles are stronger than your back muscles.

There are also easier ways to get around with large luggage. Sometimes we get impatient waiting for elevators, but it’s far less damaging to wait a few minutes than try to lug a huge bag up some stairs. Even better, use the baggage service at airlines. I know we all try to save money by stuffing everything into a carry-on bag, but sometimes, you just have to let the professionals take care of you.

Traveling can be crazy and hectic, but don’t hurt yourself with oversized luggage.

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