Nintendo: Looking Out For The Kids

A few days ago, I was watching a random video, when it mentioned a child getting a hold of a Nintendo Switch cartridge. The child then, without any prompting, licked said cartridge and had a meltdown. I didn’t know this, but it turns out, these bite-sized games are coated in denatonium benzoate, the most bitter chemical compound known to people. I personally found the story hilarious and hopefully the child learned not to stick random objects in their mouth. On the other hand, I think that this is truly a clever feature on Nintendo’s part.

Denatonium is not deadly or dangerous, just really bitter and icky. Please note that I have not tried licking a Nintendo Switch cartridge as I do not have one, and even if I did…

Anyway, the bittering agent is included in other things such as nail polish removers, paints, poisons, and various other items to discourage kids and strange adults from consuming the non-consumable item. It can even be applied to nails so discourage nail biting or the outdoor rug you want your dog to stop chewing on.

In my opinion, Nintendo did the right thing to deter children from making potentially fatal mistakes. There are still a ton of people across social media licking their games—apparently, it’s become a sort of meme because I guess people either don’t believe it’s as bad as everyone says or they’re just trying to get laughs and views. I am not encouraging ANYONE to go out and lick a game cartridge; they are choking hazards for a reason. Just know that, if you do, it will taste awful and everyone will laugh at you.

So there’s a little random knowledge for you today. Teach your kids not to eat random things or apparently Nintendo will do it for you.

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