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National Safe Work Month 2017
by Thomas Knedlik - PADI RTO #6729

October is National Safe Work Month – a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace. The below five steps to a safe and healthy workplace provide guidance on how to build an effective work health and safety approach in your organisation.

Design safe

Well-designed work is inherently safer and healthier because hazards and risks are eliminated before they enter the workplace. Designing out hazards and risks saves lives and makes the job more efficient.

Source safe

Make sure the tools and equipment you have on the job are fit for the purpose. Cheap equipment, machinery and materials that break easily can be dangerous and are expensive to fix.

Use safe

Make work health and safety part of your daily conversations and involve everyone – especially those actually doing the work. Look out for your workmates and don’t hesitate to stop work if you feel it’s not safe.

Keep safe

Damaged or poorly maintained equipment like broken ladders, split electrical cables and frayed ropes can cause serious injuries or death. Similarly, inefficient and outdated systems and equipment can become a hazard to both physical and mental health.


Your safety journey should never end – making sure your workplace is healthy and safe is a continuous cycle of improvement.

National Safe Work Month

First Aid Brisbane support October National Safe work Month

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