Nail Care Problems

I don’t know about most people, but I swear, every time I trim my finger nails, I get a hangnail at least every other time. Apparently, you’re more likely to get a hangnail if you have dry hands or if you wash your hands too much (which leads to dry hands).

Hangnails are annoying and painful and, if you’re like me, the urge to rip out the little sliver of skin causing it is practically irresistible. Then you have to put up with the bleeding from the skin tearing and a swollen, sore finger. If you’re lucky, it won’t get infected, which results in a blister of gross pus.  They’re common enough though, that they’re easy to deal with, even if infected.

First, you’ll want to LEAVE IT ALONE! Yeah, my biggest problem is also the biggest no-no. Instead, you can cut the little bit of skin with some clippers or nail scissors, preferably after washing your hands to make sure the injury is clean. You can put a little antibiotic cream with a bandage on it to help prevent infections, but mostly just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

In the end, I still agree that the best method of dealing with things like this is to prevent it in the first place. Don’t cut your nails too short and definitely don’t rip/bite them off; you’re practically begging for a hangnail if you tear them. Moisturize when you can and definitely keep yourself hydrated too. It’s also said to take some time to care for your cuticles every week, which includes soaking them in warm water to get them soft, and then pushing them back level with the skin, but I feel like that’s a bit overkill. Still, there’s a beauty tip for your nails if you have time.

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