First Aid Courses – Mouse Spider

Mouse Spider

Danger Level: Medium

There are 8 species of the Mouse spider all found in and around Australia. Only one case of severe envenomation has been reported in Australia. Funnel-Web Spider anti-venom is found to be effective on a Mouse Spider bite as the two bites are similar and are treated with the same pre-caution.

mouse-spiderDistribution: Throughout Australia. Found normally in burrows, near rivers and waterways and occasionally in suburban areas


Bulbous head and jaw
Smooth and shiny head and legs
Males sometimes have colour markings on the head

Behaviour: Typically lethargic, rarely aggressive spiders that prefer to be active during the day.

Bites and first aid

First-aid-manHowever, few cases of serious envenomation have been reported, the most serious resulting from the bite of a male Eastern Mouse Spider,  near Brisbane.
Although the males are often sighted, bites by Red-headed Mouse Spiders are rare, probably because the spiders occur in less densely populated areas.

Because of their potential toxicity to humans, first aid treatment should be provided as recommended for funnel-web spider envenomation.


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