I’ll either be over the ocean or in America by the time this post uploads, so hello from the past. Anyway, the flight between Australia and America is long and awful—I’ve don’t this flight a few times already. However, with flights between multiple countries and across the US, I’ve never had a problem flying. Unlike my unfortunate husband, I’m not particularly picky about my seat and don’t get sick very easily during travel. Safe to say, I’ve never had a need for a barf bag.

The barf bag was actually created to store food but airlines found it useful in containing their passengers’ air sickness. Flight conditions weren’t nearly as favourable as they are now, which didn’t help people who were already nervous about flying.

Air sickness is really just a form of motion sickness. People suffering from motion sickness tend to display dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and even vomiting. Unexpectedly, they can also be excessively sweating, burping, or salivating.

If you suffer from motion/air sickness, it’s probably best you don’t eat a heavy meal or consume alcohol before or during your trip. Why pay for it if it’s just going to come right back up? However, on a long trip, try have several little snacks to keep from overloading your stomach.

Trying to eliminate the confusion between your senses can be tricky. Some people find that closing their eyes help while others will find a something out the window, that’s stable, to stare at; like a tree or the horizon. Trying to read a book or stare at something on the vehicle with you won’t really help. If it helps, open the air vent above your seat.

If you can pick your seat on the plane, just over the wings will be the best spot as that’s the part of the plane moving the least.

Lastly, there are some over-the-counter medications to help with motion sickness, but you should talk to a pharmacist or doctor before trying them.

Don’t worry. I’ll make the flight again soon enough and return to write more of these crazy blogs.

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