Sometime last year (or maybe early this year, I don’t remember) I posted about how mosquito larvae got into the cat’s drinking fountain. Well those suckers are back again and I’m being extra vigilant about it. We’re choosing to go out more during the daytime to avoid going out at night now. What I didn’t know is that under the Public Health Act, people can be fined for “breeding mosquitoes.”

Now let’s be serious, who would in their right mind would want to breed mosquitoes? They’re annoying, they’re pests that are potentially dangerous, and they make people itch. However, they’re irritatingly persistent bugs and can survive as long as there’s a water source nearby. One forgotten pet bowl outside could easily become home to some unwanted guests.

Avoiding the fine is fairly easy as long as you’re keeping your yard clean. This means dumping out water that may have collected in buckets or other containers, storing those containers someplace they can’t collect water, and throwing out garbage so there are less things to collect that water. But, while it’s pretty straight forward, there are things such as birdbaths and natural plants that collect or hold water. For structures like birdbaths, clean them out regularly to prevent mosquitoes from sticking around. Reducing the number of Bromeliad plants in your yard can help keep the population down. Clean out clogged gutters and drains and don’t forget to check the screens and seals on rainwater tanks.

For the most part, anything that can hold water of any amount, you want to take care of—from plants, yard decorations, and work tools to children’s toys and old tyers. Keep it dry or keep it clean, those are your options unless you’d like to be home to lots of pesky, buzzing mosquitoes.

Info: Queensland Government:

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