As an immigrant, I’ve gone through the entire process, including medical checks. I hate to admit, I’ve also travelled sick but then quarantined myself to my apartment afterwards. But it was just a cold and I still told someone at the airport because I’m afraid my eardrum will burst like my husband’s and I love travelling too much for that. However, it seems that not all travellers feel the same way as it’s suspected that an overseas traveller has brought measles to Sydney.

After visiting the New South Wales Government Health site, it appears there have been a few unlucky travellers bringing the virus home with them over the last month. While this should not be an emergency lockdown situation for Queensland, I think everyone should understand that not all travelling people put other people’s health in their top priorities.

Measles is caused by a virus that is spread through contact with other people’s germs though it can take 10-12 days for the virus to kick in. The symptoms are a bit vague with a fever, tiredness, runny nose, dry cough, red eye, and feeling sick in general, but the rash is actually pretty telling. In my opinion, it looks like freckles but red. Measles does have the possibility to advance into pneumonia/other airway infections, brain swelling, ear infections, and even death if not attended to. Pregnant women and infants should be checked right away as measles is much more dangerous to them.

There’s really no way to treat measles. The standard ‘get-well’ regimen for other sicknesses will help relieve symptoms until the illness passes: rest, water, and pain-and-fever medicine. The best way to fight measles is to prevent them in the first place. Please ensure that you and your children are up to date on your vaccinations, especially your children. And see a doctor immediately if you think you may have the measles as they are highly contagious. If you do have the measles, please do the right thing and keep yourself home and away from public places where it can spread. article:

NSW Government Health:

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