Thankfully, as the world begins to up the collective resistance to Covid (via vaccinations), travel bans are beginning to shift.

As of November 1st, Australia’s borders will begin to reopen. Those who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to leave the country as long as the destination is allowing visitors (which is currently only New Zealand). As you check in at the airport, you will need to show proof of your vaccination.

For those unvaccinated, you will have to apply for an exemption, unless your destination is already exempt from the ban. Naturally, those under 12 years old and those with medical exemptions from the vaccine will be treated the same as those vaccinated.

It is important to remember that, while you are allowed to leave Australia, these new rules do not guarantee you entry into your destination country. It is important to check which documents/requirements you will need to gain entry well before your time of departure. This could include anything from a standard visa, to vaccination proof, and/or a Covid-19 test. Some destinations may still require quarantine upon arrival or may even limit how long you can stay in the country.

Free international COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates can be obtained as proof to foreign governments that you have been vaccinated. With your Medicare vaccination certificate on hand, you can visit a Services Australia services centre or contact the Australian Immunisations Register to get it. You’ll need your passport as well.

Please also be aware that, with the reopening of the borders, flights will likely be in high demand and hard to get. You may have delays or cancellations in your trip. You will also have to comply with entry restrictions when returning to Australia.

In conclusion, travel is going to be chaos soon, so read up on all the requirements for both leaving and entering Australia and your destination country as soon as you can.

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