What makes a good First Aid Course

What makes a good first aid course?

First Aid Brisbane understand that when you have to either do your CPR every 12 months or First Aid every 3 years participants or maybe your completing one of our more advanced first aid courses participants will usually look for:

  • an interesting presentation
  • a visually and intellectually stimulating day
  • simple presentation not too challenging yet complex enough to stimulate interest
    personal gain – e.g. a certificate or qualification
  • a course which is as short as possible but still meets all their objectives
  • A lot of individual feel uncomfortable when asked push personal boundaries so incorporating involvement without stress or anguish.

What is a must when ready to book

  • We all want a first aid course that is as cost effective as possible
  • easy to organise into your schedule to fit in to everyday busy lives
  • runs smoothly, starts and finishes on time
  • trainers ensuring flow and topic relativity
First Aid courses that are simple yet fun

First Aid courses that are simple yet fun

Here at First Aid Brisbane we want our first aid courses to be:

  • Interactive use of a variety of delivery methods which is entertaining to deliver to a variety of participants with different needs at the same time
  • Help participants learn about First Aid and CPR so they are comfortable in the future to give it a go when someone needs there help
  • First Aid Brisbane pride themselves on course preparation and that it is done to a high standard
  • That the course time allotted allows flexibility to consider questions raised and incorporate scenarios and practicals to meet training standard requirements.
  • Trainers ensure that time allotted to the course is not too great so as to require ‘padding’ and kept relevant to course training standard requirements

We at First Aid Brisbane feel our courses embrace the following:

  • We find everyone enjoys our course its presentation methods and individuality of each trainer unique to there course and training group
  • It is important with Australian National Training Standards that our First Aid Courses meets the learning objectives set for the course by ASQA and NTS and in particular our associated RTO's (Registered Training Organisations)
  • First aid Brisbane courses has sufficient content delivered in a variety of methods, compact, complete but not too much time allotted for delivery
  • First Aid Brisbane ensure all their training courses are flexible enough to meet the above criteria and overcome any hiccups along the way that may be unique to that day or your special requirements.
Outstanding Training recognised from FAB - First Aid Brisbane

Outstanding Training recognised from FAB - First Aid Brisbane

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