Cat time!

Mako and Sora have limited, supervised outside time and we’re very certain that they can’t get off the property, but you can never be one hundred percent certain with animals. There are just far too many possibilities and variables to absolutely ensure a desperate pet can’t get escape and get lost.

So what do we do when Fluffy gets out?

Before your cat even has a chance to get out and get lost, there are a few things you’ll want to do to maximize the chance that your cat will come home to you. Make sure your cat has a collar with a tag that has a current phone number. However, you want this collar to be a breakaway collar just in case your cat gets snagged on something. Yes, your cat will lose the collar and tag with your phone number, but that’s preferable to them not being able to breathe. Secondly, have your pet microchipped. This is in case they lose their collar and, should the cat be taken to a vet by a kind stranger, they can contact you and let you know where your cat is.

Next, make sure you have current, clear photos of your cat. If they get lost, you want to show off your cat’s unique coat on flyers so if someone sees them, they know that’s your lost cat. So you want to get a picture from the front with a clear shot of their face as well as another picture of their side.

Also before Fluffy makes an escape attempt, you want to look at making going outside less desirable or much more difficult. Spaying/neutering your cat gives them less drive to go outside because they don’t want to mate with the stray kitty they just watched walk by. Plus, males become far less likely to spray around your home and you won’t have to deal with females in heat which can get kind of noisy. Moving on. Ensure your windows and doors can be opened by your curious cat. Some cats are just really clever while others are so interested in the birds outside they brute force their way through the window screen. Both of these scenarios are unlikely, but you still want to look into these kinds of things if your cat does display these habits. If your cat gets a little outside time like ours do, look into cat enclosures, fence additions to prevent them leaving the yard, or take them for a walk on a secure cat harness. But NEVER leave your cat outside unattended.

Now, your cat gets out. Check your property as thoroughly as possible. Cats like hiding, so under cars, spaces under your home, anywhere at all that your cat may be able to hide. Be aware that your cat probably hasn’t gone all the way across the town; they are more likely to still be within your neighborhood either because that’s their territory or they’re scared to go too far away from their house. So the next thing to do is put up fliers EVERYWHERE, put an ad on your Facebook groups, inform your local shelters, get your cat’s face and name out there so people are looking. Make sure those ads and fliers have those clear pictures, your name, number, address, and a reward if you can. The more you can spread the word, the likelier it will be that someone will see your cat and let you know.

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