Killing Cancer with Colds

Today’s blog is less instructive and more informative.

Recently, my husband mentioned in passing a news article that he read. Scientists have discovered a way to use the common cold virus to destroy cancer. From what I read, this idea has been used for a few years now, having been used on a few patients to get rid of a specific form of brain cancer. It’s recently been discovered though that this method may also work on bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is fairly common, more so in those over the age of sixty. Women are luckier since men tend to be the primary victims of bladder cancer, but women aren’t immune. Other than getting the cancer in the first place, the worst part is probably the recurrence rate of the tumours, which have a 70% chance of returning once removed. They also grow rather quickly.

The most recent method found is the same as used in the earlier-mentioned brain cancer treatment as well. Normally, cancer goes under the radar of our immune system so our bodies don’t fight it off. A virus modified to attack cancer cells are introduced to the tumour. Because tumours don’t have their own immune system, it reacts to the virus like the rest of the body would and alerts the immune system that there’s a virus that needs destroying. In turn, the tumour gets caught up in the clean-up.

Currently, this method appears to work on non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and a form of cancer called glioblastoma. As long as trials of this method of treatment continue to provide positive results, we may have a valid, non-invasive method for fighting cancer; potentially even a wide variety of cancers.

It’s incredible to see how the scientific medical world is always advancing to solve our problems. Cancer was and is one of the worst things a doctor can diagnose their patient’s with; now, we’re fighting it back with a simple, common cold.

P.S. If you're curious and want to have a little laugh, go look up the name of this new bladder-cancer-killing virus. My husband and I thought it was a joke. It's not.

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