We talked about face masks before. At that time, they were in high demand—you couldn’t find them anywhere—so we talked about making your own reusable masks. Well, most of that is still applicable, but I think we need to talk a bit more about why they are still important.

As mentioned in the previous post, masks are mostly there to prevent you from spreading something you have rather than preventing you from catching anything. It’s like vaccines! You do it because you don’t want someone who can’t get vaccinated to be in danger. Now, it’s currently not required in Queensland, but you should still consider wearing a mask in highly populated areas (such as supermarkets) and places where people at high risk are (doctor’s practices, clinics, aged care centers, etc.).

Remember when we went over washing hands because apparently some people don’t know how to properly do that? Well apparently, not everyone knows how to wear a mask properly either. I’ve heard stories about wearing them under noses, under chins, people pulling them down to cough, cutting holes in them to “breathe better,” and all sorts of things that make wearing a mask completely pointless. Those peoples might as well lick door handles. (This is kind of triggering for me.) PLEASE! Wear a proper mask over your mouth and nose! If you need a break from your mask, go outside well away from other people, go to your car, go home! Just don’t put other people at risk, even if you THINK you may not have anything.

Ideally, single-use masks (the disposable ones that look like they should be worn by surgeons) should be tossed after every use; that’s why they’re single-use. Because of this, it’s more beneficial to invest in a re-usable cloth mask—preferably one with at least 3 layers. There are plenty of places to buy reusable masks as well as sources to make your own. You should be washing your cloth mask after every use, so make sure you have a couple. If you wash your masks daily, use a new one (properly) in each new situation, you will be fine.

Info: Queensland Health: https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/protect-yourself-others/face-masks  

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