There are two kinds of headaches. If you’re lucky, you’ll know the cause of your headache and can go about trying to alleviate the pain—These are secondary headaches; the side effects of something else. However, primary headaches don’t seem to have a cause and aren’t caused by another injury or illness. These are the headaches you have just because. In reality, they aren’t all “just because” and do have a cause; it’s just not the symptom of another medical condition. Stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, lack of food, poor posture, and straining your eyes can all cause primary headaches, but there isn’t always a source or reason to your headache.

Despite how miserable you may feel at the time. most headache aren’t serious enough to warrant seeing your doctor. Still, there are a few signs that you should see a medical professional. Obviously, if you received a severe head injury that caused your headache, you should probably get checked out. If the headache appears from nowhere and is blindingly painful, only getting worse, you should see someone. Sudden headaches when you do something normal (cough, sneeze, laugh, or move) or coupled with something more serious should also be looked at. These include:

  • Slurred speech
  • Confusion
  • Weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • Memory loss
  • Unsteady walking
  • Fever
  • Stiff neck
  • Rash
  • Pain in the jaw when chewing
  • Vision problems
  • A sore scalp
  • Pain in an eye

As mentioned earlier, most headaches won’t need medical attention as long as you don’t meet any criteria above. Depending on the cause of your headache, whether primary or secondary, you have a few options. Over-the-counter pain-relievers are a popular choice, but only a temporary fix. Some people try relaxation techniques such as massages or therapies like acupuncture. Dealing with stress or fixing an unhealthy diet may reduce the primary headaches or talking to your doctor about any medications that could be causing you headaches. For secondary headaches, treating the primary disorder/problem usually aids in reducing the headaches. Above all else, do as your doctor tells you.

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