It’s Not Napping

Let’s say you have someone unconscious; they’re breathing and seem to be stable; so now what? The best thing you can do now is to roll the person into recovery position. It may look comfortable but this is actually for their safety. In this position, it keeps the airways open and also allows someplace for any vomit to go rather than on themselves or you.

Basically, you’ll be rolling the patient into what looks like napping position. Pull the arm on the opposite side to which you are standing up by their head; it can be straight up, straight out, up and around the head, as long as it supports their head when they’re on their side. Cross the ankles away from you and rest the other hand on the opposite shoulder.

Kneeling behind them, you can push them onto their side. Push with your hands on their hip and shoulder. This will help you to keep the spine as straight as possible. Never push from the knee as you can damage the spine if you do.

If you can’t kneel, go to the side with the arm by their head and stand a foots’ length from their waist. Then you can take the hand that is resting on the chest/shoulder and pull slowly stop when they are on their side and rest their arm in front of them or supporting their head if need be.

Using the recovery position on an unconscious but breathing normally person will allow them enough of an angle to allow vomit, saliva, and all that gross stuff to drain from the mouth if it happens. Make sure they can breathe, keeping their airways are open.

And never step over an unconscious patient. If they wake up at any point, they may panic and may hurt you or themselves.

There are a few variations of the recovery position but you should be good as long as you have the basic points: head forward for draining fluids that come up, able to breathe, easy to roll back, can’t roll onto stomach, and stable. Now just keep and eye on them and let them nap—I mean rest—until they recover or medical services arrive.

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