I’ve never participated in April Fool’s Day, but the things that come from this day are hilarious. One of my favorites to watch for are people who put plastic wrap or cling film on door for other people to run into. If you just search “plastic wrap door” you’ll find what I’m talking about. Now most of the time, one strip across the doorway is enough for a funny video and will pull away or break before anyone gets hurt.

Now most people will immediately react in one of two ways: back up and figure out what happened or keep walking and possibly trip. This trip will probably be a minor injury, but sometimes it can be worse. The most common injuries from something like this are going to be bruises and maybe mild concussions if your victim was running enthusiastically. If you end up with broken bones or sprains, your plastic wrap is freakishly strong or you did not give them enough clear space to land. Take your prank victim to the hospital immediately if anything goes more awry than expected.

So, for a successful, harmless prank, think ahead. Don’t build an invincible wall; you want your plastic wrap to break or tearaway easily. Second, make sure the runway is clear. You don’t want them to land on anything if they do fall. Some people like to add oil to the floor to ensure a fall, but this is a bad idea (I shouldn’t have even mentioned it). Clear, clean floors. Lastly, know your victim. Are they a clumsy person who is likely to fall and hurt themselves? Are they someone who can take a joke? For everyone’s safety, make sure your victim is a good sport.

Have fun this year for April Fool’s Day but don’t be dumb about it.

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