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Alright, so some of us are still going to work because the service we provide is essential to society running normally. Others of us are still running because we haven’t been shut down yet and we’re still trying to make money to pay the bills. That being said, I’ve definitely had my fair share of calls from customers asking (a) if we’re still running our courses and (b) what are we doing to make sure our customers are safe. I’m sure we’re not the only business trying to sanitize the whole building and doing our best to reassure our customers that it’s safe to partake in our business.

Other than the sanitizing and distancing practices our staff is performing on a daily basis (mentioned in a previous post), our staff have completed an online training set up by the health department of the government that discusses the virus going around, symptoms/signs of the virus, prevention, and even debunks a couple myths.

The training covers the basics that have been practically carved into our brains and includes a few finer details that I personally wouldn’t have known, but perhaps someone else has. Strangely enough, I knew that the primary symptom of the virus was a cough, but I didn’t realize it was a dry cough. Perhaps you could learn something too. There’s a short quiz at the end to test your knowledge of everything covered in the course and you get a certificate of completion at the end.

This training is mostly for those working in care facilities such as hospitals, primary care, pharmacies, dentists, etc. However, it’s not limited to just those professions (evidence being that I took the course and got a certificate). I’m mostly trying to put this out there so that people can educate themselves, even just a little more, about the virus but also to possibly help some businesses assure their customers that they’re also doing the best they can to keep people safe with a certificate of proof. The more everyone knows, the safer everyone is.

COVID-19 Infection Control Training:

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