At the time of this posting, Thanksgiving will have passed a few weeks ago. Being American, my family catered to my whims and celebrated Thanksgiving for me. Anyway, on that day, my husband decided he wasn’t too fond of the stairs and kicked the tile step so hard, we thought he broke his toes. His big toe was bleeding and cut pretty well while his second toe was bruising up like crazy. Thankfully, we saw a doctor and they didn’t think his second toe was broken and, a few days later he’s doing much better.

Sprains are small tears to the ligaments around a joint. Based on the fact that he’s feeling better, I can only assume my husband sprained his toe. Symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, and trouble moving the joint, all of which my husband showed. There are different levels of severity though and I think my husband falls into Grade II.

  • Grade I: some fibers torn, some pain and slightly swollen, movement and strength mostly unaffected.
  • Grade II: Many fibers torn, painful and swollen, some loss of movement and strength.
  • Grade III: soft tissue entirely torn, significant loss of movement and strength. Likely to need surgery.

Treating the injury isn’t too complicated. Stop moving so you can’t make it worse and rest. Ice packs can be used every 2 hours for 15 minutes; no not place ice or ice packs directly on the skin! Bandage the injured site firmly to prevent moving—for my husband, we bandaged the second toe against the third so he couldn’t attempt to wiggle it. Raise the injury about the heart when possible and, as always, if your symptoms worsen over the first 24 hours, go see a doctor. Make sure you take it slow when recovering from a sprain, you should not just jump back into anything too strenuous. That’s why my husband is happily sitting at home and taking it easy.

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